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A floor above the daily hum of the frequency, right in the center overlooking the passage of the old Beit Romano, inside a modernist amphitheater looking into the present - the Romano beats every evening. The direct continuation of the collaboration that began in Port Said between the gang of DJs/connoisseur cultural entrepreneurs of the Frequency and the culinary musings of Chef Eyal Shani, produces a raw and people-loving restaurant with a menu based on meat, fish and fresh vegetables - and offers pleasant seating in a wooden space that flows into the green terrace of Beit Romano. Next to the fresh and dynamic menu - fine selectors place select records every night on the throne that is the stand.


Eyal shani

A private event in Romano

We will book reservations for more than 10 guests only as a private event. Please fill out the following form and we will contact you with all the details:

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Happy Hour

בימים א'-ה', בין השעות 18:00-19:30 כל התפריט שלנו ב-20% הנחה!

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